Thank you for a great conference!

Thank you for a great conference!

On behalf of all of us at Prophecy Source we would like thank you for your participation in our recent conference. Your contributions and encouragement made it a resounding success.

2017 Conference Sample

We're delighted to share a full session of the 2017 Conference with you! Our thank you to those who attended and encouragement to those who weren't able. We hope you enjoy!

Note: Part 1 of Amir's message (Europe: Ready for the Rise of the Antichrist) is available free on Youtube.
Thank you to both Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries and Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel for making it available.

Order the full 2017 Conference as a Digital Download or DVD

We're excited to be able to offer the conference to you on DVD, or as Digital Download. Both contain all six sessions and 5.5 hours of quality bible teaching and biblical eschatological commentary. Order now as a digital download and watch the whole conference today!

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Digital Download

Contains all six sessions:

  1. Amir Tsarfati: The Middle East in Bible Prophecy
    64 minutes
  2. Bill Koenig: Trump's Final Day Role
    48 minutes
  3. Eric Barger: Preparing for Perilous Times
    55 minutes
  4. Andy Woods: Seven Signs of Christs Return
    65 minutes
  5. Amir Tsarfati : Europe - Closer to the Anti-Christ
    71 minutes
  6. Questions Answers
    27 minutes
2017 Conference Testimonials

Thank you for your attendance, kind words, and helping to make this conference a success! It's beautiful to see the body of Christ coming together for His glory. Here are few of the kind words received:

.... I just wanted to Thank You for the conference you put together. It was AWESOME! From beginning to end! It was clear your heart was in it. 

Karen S Bellingham, Washington

..... What a blessing it was to participate in the prophecy conference yesterday! Thank You for all your hard work and dedication to this ministry, it was so evident that the Body was well served, and the LORD was glorified!

Terry S Mount Vernon ,Washington

..... Thank You for arranging this wonderful conference that we attended today. It was truly a blessing, challenging, informative and so much to absorb and digest. God Bless you for your faithfulness to bring this great conference to Canada.

Barb B. Langley, B.C.

..... Thank You and the committee for an awesome day. Even though Amir was the headliner and the main reason we drove five hours to go, we loved all the speakers and have added them to our mailing list. It was so exciting for my husband and I to meet all the speakers and talk to them.

April E, Malakwa, B.C.

.......I want to tell you how very much my husband and I, as well as a couple of our friends enjoyed the excellent conference. It was very special to hear Amir in person and the other speakers were great as well.

Joyce, Vancouver, B.C.

...... I and my husband just wanted to Thank You and your volunteers for bringing the Prophecy Conference to us. We very much enjoyed the conference and seeing so many believers!

Hilde and Kirk S, Delta, B.C.

Books & DVD's

We're also offering books & DVD's from Andy Woods and Bill Koenig

For Ordering:

Please contact us directly, we can either combine shipping with our 2017 Conference DVD, or ship separately.

The Middle East Meltdown
Dr. Andy Woods

We live in one of the most interesting time periods of history. The Lord seems to be setting the stage for His return as never before. One of these major stage-setting trends that we are currently seeing is the rise of a coalition of nations that harbors a hostile intent toward Israel. No matter which presidential administration comes into office in this nation and no matter how the calendar turns, this is an issue that does not seem to go away.

The prophet Ezekiel foresaw these things 2,600 years ago in a vision along the Chebar River in Babylon. Now, respected Bible Prophecy teacher, Dr. Andy Woods, explains the vision of Ezekiel. 

  • Who will be involved in the coming Islamic invasion of Israel?
  • When will it take place?
  • Why will all this happen?
  • What will the war look like?
  • How will this all come together to fulfill Ezekiel's prophecy?

Dr. Woods concludes with seven powerful points of application.

$20.95 Cad plus S&H

The Coming Kingdom
Dr. Andy Woods

This is an important book in so many ways, explaining:

  1. What is the purpose of history?
  2. What is the role and destiny of our lives (believers) and the church?
  3. What is the purpose and plan of God for Israel?
  4. What are the implications of the failed attempts for Israel to reach a peace treaty?
  5. What happens in the millennium?
  6. How the Kingdom Is NOT here now, but yet future!!
  7. For me personally this book has fueled my already existing passion to understand and imagine the kingdom. I can think of no other subject, and no better resource, to "rightly divide" the pages of scripture, from Genesis to Revelation!

Andy Woods has given us a gift, and I pray that many will find and use this resource soon. "Soon and very soon we are going to see the King...!"

$34.95 CAD plus S&H